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Yoga - Personal Training - Pregnancy Yoga - Nutrition and Weight Management - HOP (Hour of Power) - Mum & Baby Yoga - Toddler Yoga based in Louth, Lincolnshire

"Dear Lucy, I wish you and your family all the best for your new chapter in Lincolnshire.  I hope you achieve your goals and I admire you for going after them. Your classes were amazing, since you went on maternity leave I tried out several other classes to find a replacement but nothing gave me the same release and workout yours did. I had never understood the power of yoga and what it can do for your mind, body and soul until your class so thank you for introducing me to that.  Take care," (Lucy, Newmarket, 2014)



My Power Yoga DVD gives a one hour workout that will appeal to all fitness levels and abilities. I recommend doing the DVD 2-3 times a week. This will have amazing results on your body, arms, abs, glutes and thighs.   You will become more toned and defined, giving the body greater strength, stamina, flexibility and balance.  It is an amazing all over body workout targetting every muscle within the body. Only £10 plus p&p.  To purchase please contact me at lucy@enerchi-fitness.com



HOUR OF POWER is here NOW..... starting Monday, 11th September 2017

Check out the class timetable for more details!!

An amazing new fitness class that combines the mental focus and breathing of Yoga, core muscle development of Pilates, the high-energy fat-burning of aerobics and the muscle conditioning of resistance training.  Check the Class Timetable for more details. 


Pregnancy Yoga Classes - Pre & Post Natal

Happy Baby Pose!

(Happy Baby Pose!)

Small friendly classes in a non judgemental home environment or private tuition available

I have just had my second baby and, like many women, I had lots of fears and worries about labour. I learnt so much when I undertook my Pregnancy Yoga course, including labour should not be something to fear but something to be celebrated and cherished.  Thanks to yoga I had two natural births with no complications and I always felt in control and I even had my second baby in the birthing pool, which was a lovely experience.  Below is an outline of what my classes offer, along with the benefits:

Bringing greater awareness and connection to mother and baby.... A 6 week yoga course designed specifically for pregnant mums to help prepare mothers to cope with the emotional, physical and mental changes within their bodies and prepare them for motherhood.  Using poses, relaxation and breathing exercises to help guide you through the stages of pregnancy, labour and beyond.

Giving your baby the best possible start

Suitable for all levels of ability

All poses will be modified accordingly to suit each mother as her body changes

For Mums at 12 weeks pregnancy onwards - what to expect Weeks 1 - 6

~  Learn gentle poses to help gain flexibility, to reduce stiffness and tension in joints and so leading to an easier pregnancy and birth

~  Learn meditation and relaxation techniques to help cope with pregnancy and labour

~  Learn poses to  help improve digestion and helping to eliminate toxins and reduce stress, varicose veins and haemorrhoids

~  Gain support and feel relaxed in a non -judgemental environment, sharing your pregnancy experience with like-minded women

~  Learn how to minimise pregnancy symptoms such as nausea, tiredness, back pain, fluid retention and headaches

~  Learn how the body changes throughout pregnancy

~  Help maintain a healthy weight and diet during pregnancy

~  Take time to connect with your baby

~  Learn poses to help strengthen the pelvic floor and to help the body during labour, recover after the birth and help support the internal organs

~  Learn useful postures to help your baby get into the correct position for birth and learn postures and positions during labour to help bring your baby into the world with ease

~  Learn about labour and pain mangement techniques

~  Learn how to help with post natal depression after the birth

~  Learn how to exercise safely after giving birth

Class numbers will be limited so early booking is essential.


One-to-One Private Classes - £25 for 60 minute class (concessions can be made for a small group of up to 3 people)

Group Classes - £45 for a 6 week course 


Gift Vouchers

These are available from £20 to £50 and can be used against Private Power Yoga or Pregnancy Yoga sessions

or any of my Fitness Plans

Why not treat a friend or family member!


About Me - Lucy Cawdron

I am a qualified Power Yoga teacher, Gym Instructor, Personal Trainer, Pregnancy Yoga teacher, Mum & Baby Yoga and Massage teacher and Nutrition and Weight Management Specialist.  I have been teaching since my mid 20's in both the UK and Dubai.  I am also currently in the process of qualifying for Pilates and Hour of Power (HOP) - a fitness class that combines the mental focus and breathing of yoga, the core muscle development of Pilates, the high-energy fat-burning of aerobics and the muscle conditioning of resistance training.  I teach private clients as well as holding group classes.  I have held classes at The Ballet Centre, The World Trade Centre, the Zen Beauty Lounge (Dubai's first and only eco friendly beauty lounge) and I have also covered classes at the Core Studio in Dubai as well as visiting private clients in their own home environment.  I have also held group seminars in Dubai.  I have also held group classes at a Fitness Centre in Newmarket as well as teaching clients in their own home environment.  I have recently relocated to Louth, Lincolnshire and will be holding a Power Yoga class at the Meridian Centre, Louth.  Eventually I will be using my own purpose built studio. The people I teach are of all ages, levels and abilities.  I work on clients specific needs to suit them, whether it be to help get them in shape, weight loss, become stronger and more positive in both body and mind or to help with the many health concerns that Power Yoga can help with, such as stress, IBS, digestive problems, asthma, fatigue, etc (see Yoga For Healing for a full list of health concerns that Power Yoga can help with).


My Journey

All my life I have had a passion for exercise, everything from horse riding to running and dance.  For me exercise makes me feel good on the inside and the outside.  I had never tried yoga before until about six years ago.  I had suffered for many years with back problems and so my Mum encouraged me to take up yoga.

Since then my love for yoga has increased and I began to see how much it had helped me, both physically and mentally as a person.  I was stronger, healthier, more flexible and balanced and as a person I became more confident and happier so I began to think how much I would like to show others how yoga can help them to.

I began to practise many different styles of yoga, everything from power yoga, full  body blast/power yoga ultra through to bikram-ashtanga yoga to gain lots of experience and gain inspiration.  I then qualified as a Power Yoga teacher and have been teaching ever since.  My main aim is to help others, to heal both body and mind.  A healthy body equals a healthy mind.

My Mission

My mission is to help people get fit and healthy both on the inside and the outside.  There is no point being super fit and toned on the outside if we are not healthy on the inside.  Through yoga and exercise our health can improve so much. 

When our physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies are in alignment then we are healthy.  If there are energy blockages in any of these areas it causes illness, so when everything is in balance we have full health and energy.  Yoga teaches us to go beyond our limits. 

Yoga and exercise should be a way of life.  So this is the journey I have set for myself and I wish to invite you to take it with me.

In November 2010 I took part in a 5Rhythms Dance Workshop and in January 2011 I took part in a Max Strom Workshop. I learnt alot from both Workshops, both were very enlightening.  I have gained great knowledge through attending and participating in these Workshops and they have inspired me so much that I have written a small piece about what each Workshop entails:

5Rhythms Dance Workshop

The 5Thythms comprise a simple movement practice designed to release the dancer that lives in every body, no matter what its shape, size, age, limitations and experience.   To find your dance is to find yourself at your most fluid and creative level.  While the practice itself is the essence of simplicity, it has the power to catalyze deep healing and creative expression.  The primary teaching of this work is:  If you put the psyche in motion, it will heal itself.

The five rhythms are:  Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness.  They come together to create the Wave, a movement meditation practice.  Rather than having steps to follow, each rhythm is a different energy field in which you find your own expression and choreography, thereby stretching your imagination as well as your body.  Each rhythm is a teacher and you can expect to meet different and sometimes unknown aspects of yourself as your dance unfolds and your practice of the rhythms deepens over time.

?Movement is my medicine: it?s my meditation, my practice.  It is what I do no matter how I feel.  We were all born to move, to surrender to the beat.  Your soul is a dancer.  No effort.  No judgement.  Pure energy in the moment?  -  Gabrielle Roth

Exhale  -  Max Strom Workshop

Strom?s system includes a philosophy of living, self-enquiry, breathing exercise, yoga postures and meditation, guiding his students to becoming happier, healthier and empowered human beings.  He has taught tens of thousands of students and trained several hundred teachers.  He has been teaching since 1995 and is recognised by the Yoga Alliance at their Advanced Teacher Level (ERYT)
The Workshop was split into three parts:

Part 1
A Life Worth Breathing.  This workshop focused on lifting us up from burn-out and re-igniting the inner fire, transforming depression into inspiration and anger into courage.  It is renowned for its healing, penetrating affect, leaving students feeling renewed and open.  It starts with a talk by Max Strom followed by the integration of breathing exercise and vinyasa flow, finishing with a focus on simple chants unfolding into a transformational meditation.

Part 2
Strength, Grace & Expansion.  The intent of power yoga is not only to increase our strength and flexibility, but also to promote health and vitality.  The next layer is to transform our behaviour from coarse to gracious, and to transform even our very thoughts, from chaos to beauty.  Strom?s unique prana-flow class emphasises emotional transformation using vinyasa-flow, non-dogmatic philosophy, breathing and meditation.

Part 3 
The Healing Power of Forgiveness. Forgiveness is perhaps the most powerful tool we have for healing ourselves.  To forgive another heals oneself just as anger toward another poisons oneself.  Anger and resentment can destroy our lives.   For the body to heal, often what is most vital is to heal the broken heart or spirit.  Failure to forgive affects our stress level, power to heal the body, discernment and all our relationships.  The first part of this seminar is a powerful lecture on forgiving others, the second part will address forgiving oneself and the third part includes gentle yoga movement, breathing exercises and guided meditation with emphasis on emotional transformation.

?When we are in pain we become self-centred and myopic.  When we heal we become more empathetic, selfless and sympathetic to the pain and welfare of others.  It is our gift to others to heal ourselves? ? Max Strom'

Welcome to my Website!

I invite you to take this path of enlightenment with me!  I have so much to say where do I start?  The journey I have been on to make my website has been amazing and has now become real.  I have come to learn so much, I've come to realise yoga, and helping others through yoga, is where my true passion lies.  Everyone strives to find what their true purpose in life is, I have forever always wanted to know what mine was and I believe I have now found it.  It has not been an easy road but I have had the most amazing help and support from my family and friends.

Firstly, I have to thank my Mum, not just for encouraging me to take up yoga in the first place many years ago but also for all the unbelievable hard work she has put in to making this website become real.  I also have to thank my loyal, lovely and amazing yogi clients!  Through them I have learnt so much about my teaching, to me they are not just clients they have become special friends that share the same passion as I do.  When someone tells me that through our classes they have become not only healthier, less stressed, more grounded and are living a more positive way of thinking and living it is an amazing gift to me.  Seeing a yogi client improve week by week and seeing them master a pose that they once found difficult gives me a great sense of happiness.

So many of my friends have helped me along my journey.  Andrew Watkins provided the most amazing photo's for this website along with the help of my lovely friend Vicki Costa, we had a great time during the photoshoot and Andrew was so patient with me whilst waiting for me to get into all sorts of positions!  My good friend Chris Coogan has been a great friend to me and also an amazing source of inspiration, helping me to come up with some fabulous ideas including finding a name for the website in the first place! 

Before I began practising yoga I was a very shy person with no confidence.  I strongly believe that if you find the correct yoga teacher it can help change your life and I was very lucky to find one.  Alisa not only taught me yoga but became a great friend also, she taught me how to practise with passion and she gave me the encouragement and confidence to go on to teach others.  I believe I learnt from the best and my aim to give to others what she gave to me.