Lucy Mitchell

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Power Yoga Class Timetable

I have been teaching for many years in Cambridge and Dubai and for the past three years in the Louth area.

Some of you, I know, are new to yoga and some experienced, please feel assured my classes are suitable for everyone of all ages and abilities.  All poses are modified for each person and you are given the choice to take each pose to the next level as and when you and your body feels ready.

My classes aim to heal many areas from stress, insomnia, headaches, digestive problems, anxiety, blood pressure and many more, but they also help to tone and strengthen the body and most importantly to balance mind and body.


You can book your space by contacting me either by email or phone:  /  07743 378036


Class Timetable 2018

I hope to start a new class either on a Monday morning or afternoon and I am looking for feedback as to whether people would prefer another Yoga class, or a Mum and Baby Yoga class or Postnatal Yoga class.

Please email me or message me via Facebook, thank you


Hour of Power (HOP)

Imagine a fitness class that combines the mental focus and breathing of yoga, the core muscle development of pilates, the high-energy fat-buring of aerobics and the muscle confitioning of resistance training......  you are imaging the HOP workout

Every Monday during term time ~  Time:  6pm-7pm

Cost: £7 per 1 hour session.  

Venue:  Louth Trinity Centre, 262 Eastgate, Louth LN11 8DJ


Mixed Power Yoga Class

£40 for 6 week course (pre-booking essential)

Every Tuesday: 20th February to 27th March  ~  7.30pm-8.30pm

Venue:  Louth Sports & Physio Centre, Upgate, Louth LN11 9JN


Power Yoga Beginners Class 

Monday's: 19th February to 26th March  ~ 7.30pm - 8.30pm - £45 for 6 week course (booked in advance)

Venue: Louth Trinity Centre, 262 Eastgate, Louth LN11 8DJ

Email / Ring Lucy to register your interest (pre-booking essential for this popular class)


Monday Motivational Mantra Infused Meditation Yoga Class

19th February and 12th March  ~  11am-12pm

Venue:  Louth Physiotherapy Sports & Injury Clinic, Upgate, Louth

Debi Wright, Reilki Master/Teacher/Meditation Teacher and Lucy Cawdron, International Yoga Instructor come together for this empowering hour of yoga mantras and meditation.  By infusing meditation and mantras to yoga poses the energy flows more freely and encourages balance empowerment, strength and relaxation amongst other benefits on such a high level.  We have given each pose a mantra.  Mantras are food the for mind, body and soul.

A totally unique class with limited spaces available.  Booking is essential and payment is upon booking - £10.  Bring your mat if you have one, a warm jumper for final relaxation and water.

We are both very excited to be delivering this class once a month


Pregnancy Yoga Classes

Thursday's:  22nd February to 29th March  ~  7.45pm - 8.45pm ~ £45 for 6 week course

Venue:  Louth Physiotherapy Sports & Injury Clinic, Upgate, Louth


Private one-to-one lessons

Private Pregnancy Classes: £25 for 60 minute class 

Private Power Yoga Classes:  £25 for 60 minute class

Small Groups of 2-5 people: Concession of £20 per person

A personalised Yoga routine, individual to your needs £20


Power Yoga for Abs

For toning up your abdominals, hips, mid torso and waistline from every angle thereby:
- improving body alignment
- creating a stronger midsection
- developing a solid yoga foundation
- enhancing self-esteem and confidence
- reducing back pain and stabilizing the spine
- improving powers of concentration and focus

Power Yoga Full Body Blast

Super-sculpt your body from head-to-toe by toning your arms and upper body, flattening your abs and firming the glutes and lower body.  Your muscles will never be the same again!  Hitting all your trouble spots, this workout is fabulous for getting you into amazing shape.

Power Yoga For Stress

During this self-nurturing practice you will detoxify your body and thoughts through pranayama breathing and various poses, therefore deepening your mind-body connection to bring complete relaxation, calmness and a more positive way of being.

Power Yoga for over 50's

A more gentle form of Power Yoga, including gentle stretching and breathing exercises.

Power Yoga for Weight Loss

This class burns upto 500 calories per session. A good all over body work out aimed at increasing our metabolism and burning calories whilst toning and strengthening.


Pregnancy Yoga Class

I have recently had my first baby and, like many other women, I am sure I had lots of fears and worries about labour.  Last year I completed my pregnancy yoga course and I have learnt so much, including labour should not be something to fear but something to be celebrated and cherished.

I have set up Pregnancy Yoga classes from home to help pregnant women and their babies, helping towards a safe, healthy and happy pregnancy.  Below is an outline of what my classes will offer along with the benefits.

Bringing greater awareness and connection to mother and baby...... A 6 week yoga course designed specifically for pregnant Mums to help prepare mothers to cope with the emotional, physical and mental changes within their bodies and prepare them for motherhood.  Using poses, relaxation and breathing exercises to help guide you through the stages of pregnancy, labour and beyond.

 Giving your baby the best possible start

Suitable for all levels of ability

 All poses will be modified accordingly to suit each mother as her body changes

For Mums at 14 weeks pregnancy onwards   ~   What to expect Weeks 1 - 6

*  Learn gentle poses to help gain flexibility to reduce stiffness and tension in joints and so leading to an easier         pregnancy and birth

*  Learn meditation and relaxation techniques to help cope with pregnancy and labour

*  Learn poses to help improve digestion and helping to eliminate toxins and reduce stress, varicose veins and         haemorrhoids

*  Gain support and feel relaxed in a non-judgemental environment, sharing your pregnancy experience with like-     minded women

*  Learn how to minimise pregnancy symptoms such as nausea, tiredness, back pain, fluid retention and                   headaches

*  Learn how the body changes throughout pregnancy

*  Help maintain a healthy weight and diet during pregnancy

*  Learn to connect with your baby

*  Learn poses to help strengthen the pelvic floor and to help the body during labour, recover after the birth and       help support the internal organs

*  Learn useful postures to help your baby get into the correct position for birth and learn postures and                   positions during labour to help bring your baby into the world with ease

*  Learn about labour and pain mangement techniques

*  Learn how to help with post natal depression after birth

*  Learn how to exercise safely after giving birth

Class numbers will be limited so early booking is essential

Mum & Baby Yoga

This is a brand new class that I am hoping to start very soon and it is aimed at Mum's with babies from 0-12 months of age.  Mum's will be able to bring their baby with them and if your baby is not asleep then he/she can join in with the poses specifically designed for Mums and babies (see photo's on the left), even the smallest of babies can benefit!  Help connect with your baby by spending quality time with them during this class.  Poses will help you recover after the birth and will also help babies with colic and sleep problems.