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7 Day Yoga Detox & Nutrition Plan

Treat yourself to a 7 day detox with this fully vegan diet sheet and meal planner

including my favourite Super Quinoa Salad!

(see photo on the left)

Feel energised, refreshed and renewed

Cost - £20

A lactose, dairy, gluten & wheat free diet sheet is also available - £20

Nutrition & Weight Management

I am a fully qualified Nutrition and Weight Management Specialist and I look forward to sharing my knowledge with my clients.  I believe power yoga, fitness and health go hand in hand and so I wanted to help people not to just get physically fit through exercise and power yoga but also be fit from the inside through eating healthily and well.  Eating the correct food and correct amount of micronutrients is essential to live a happy healthy life.  Food should be enjoyed and seen as medicine to fuel, repair and heal your body. Even a few small healthy changes to your diet can have a massive positive effect on your health, performance and wellbeing.

When I was much younger and an Apprentice Jockey I had to keep my weight very low and as I was young and uneducated about weight management I struggled and my weight fluctuated for many years.  Instead of eating a healthy well balanced diet I would restrict my food intake for days then, after a race, I would eat alot as I was so hungry and all the weight I had lost would go straight back on. It was a vicious circle. Since then I have learnt to look after my body and I am now very conscious what foods I put into my body. My weight has stabilised to a healthy weight and I am much happier - I have lots of energy as well!

Many people do not realise just how important it is to look after your body and how much an unbalanced diet can affect your health and fitness. 
There are three main micronutrients vital for your health -

CARBOHYDRATES are your main energy source. 50%-55% of your diet should be carbohydrate. A diet restrictive of this can result in low energy, breakdown of body fat and eventually muscle tissue for fuel, insufficient fibre and constipation.

PROTEIN is important to every cell. 10%-15% of a balanced diet should be protein. Too much protein can cause problems with kidney and liver function and too little protein can cause anaemia, poor metabolism, depressed immune system and fluctuating blood sugar levels.

 FAT is very important within a diet and should consist of 30%-35% of your daily diet.  Fat is needed so that your body will absorb nutrients from food and maintain a strong immune system. Too much fat can cause weight gain, diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. It is very important to get the correct type of fats and avoid the bad fats.

This is where I can help you. If you are not feeling 100% healthy then it could be that you are lacking in certain micronutrients within your body,  I can ensure you gain the correct amount of micronutrients and energy (kcals) to help you -

Get the most out of your body
Have more energy
Boost your immune system
Lose weight
Maintain weight
Gain weight
Maintain a healthy balanced diet
Fuel your body in preparation for a event/competition/exercise
To simply feel happier and healthy

My Nutrition & Weight Management Plans take into consideration - 

BMI ( Body mass index)
BMR (Basal metabolic rate -the rate in which you burn kcals/energy)

How much will it cost?

Online Nutrition & Weight Management 8 Week Program £50 (There is an additional re-evaluation charge of £20 at Week 4)
Online Nutrition & Weight Management 12 Week Program £75
(There is an additional re-evaluation charge of £20 at Weeks 4 & 8)
Online Nutrition & Weight Management Program PLUS Fitness 8 Week Program £215 (There is an additional re-evaluation charge of £20 at Week 4)
Online Nutrition & Weight Management Program PLUS Fitness 12 Week Program £325
(There is an additional re-evaluation charge of £20 at Weeks 4 & 8)